Interactive Robotics

About the Special Track

In the future, robots will increasingly be used in applications in the industrial environment, but also in the home and care sector, in which close interaction between humans and robots is necessary or desired. The goal is to combine the respective strengths of humans with their cognitive and sensitive abilities and those of robots with their precision and long-term use. To achieve this robots have to interact intuitively with humans, plan its actions independently due to simple instructions by the human and safety is ensured in human-robot collaboration.

The Special Track presents the latest developments from the research areas of intuitive human-robot interaction, intelligent robots with autonomous capabilities, intuitive programming and safe human-robot collaboration.

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The conference will accept Regular Papers (6 pages), Short Papers (4 pages) and Posters (3 pages). While regular papers will provide high-quality contributions to the field, Short Papers are expected to provide recent research outcomes that are not yet mature enough for a regular paper or a journal contribution, but provide novel insights into a specific problem or a thought provoking discussion of innovative ideas. Posters should ideally show work in progress or applications/demos that could be best presented in an interactive discussion with the audience. All submissions have to be uploaded via the Easychair system.

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Prof. Dr. Norbert Elkmann

Lead Robotic Systems
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Germany

Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen

Virtual and Augmented Reality Group
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany